Belgians in distress

Despite all your precautions, you get into a distress situation abroad. What to do?

Seeking help from people or available organisations should be your first reflex:

  • Your family, friends, employer
  • Your tour operator or transport company
  • Your travel insurance (sometimes proposed by your credit card company)
  • Your mutuality
  • Your bank
  • Local emergency services (police, hospitals)

If your situation is serious and you cannot find assistance on your own, contact our Belgian representations abroad for consular assistance.

Beware: you cannot benefit from consular assistance if:

  1. You are travelling to an area for which the FPS Foreign Affairs gives negative travel advice: see travel advice section
  2. You are going to an area of armed conflict.
  3. You have not responded to the FPS Foreign Affairs' call to leave the region where you are staying.
  4. You take extraordinary risks, without any suitable insurance.

More information: