General information on COVID-19 for those travelling to Poland, Lithuania or Belgium.

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Below you can find a list of the official websites with up-to-date information on COVID-related travel requirements and restrictions. Please consult this information carefully before planning your trip.

The Embassy cannot provide documents regarding your COVID-status and cannot negotiate exceptions to sanitary requirements. 

Please keep in mind that different regulations may apply, depending on your vaccination status, your mode of travel (airplane, train, car) your nationality (Belgian, EU citizen, non-EU citizen) and transit countries. 

BE >> PL: Travelling from Belgium to Poland

Official information

PL >> BE: Travelling from Poland to Belgium

Official Information

Coordinates of the Polish Embassy in Brussels:

BE >> LT: Travelling from Belgium to Lithuania

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LT >> BE: Travelling from Lithuania to Belgium

Official Information

Coordinates of the Lithuanian Embassy in Brussels: